GIS applications development
We design and develop innovative GIS solutions that
improves end users decision with integrated data and intelligent tools and workflows.
Modernised Surveying and
mapping services for infrastructure development
Professional surveys services that support detailed designs for engineering infrastructure development and maintenance. our cases

Infastructure Construction Surveys

Services We adopt robust surveying technology to establish
designed position of buildings, roads, utilities e.t.c
before and during construction activties.

Drone Powered Aerial Mapping

Integrating drones technology in aerial Surveys
Inspectins, Smart Agriculture and infastructure Monitoring.
Geospatial intelligence We design and developes innovative Earth Observation solutions integrating IoT, Machine Learning -helping automate processing of massive EO datasets our cases

Road infastructure Surveys

Services We adopt robust surveying technology to establish
designed position of buildings, roads, utilities e.t.c
before and during construction activties.

About us

We are a geospatial services provider and consultants– we build strategies and help clients with design and implemetation of geospatial projects and systems.Our range of geospatial consultancy services empowers organisations and government agencies overcome spatial, social and environmental challenges.

We provide geospatial service needs across various industries including geospatial technology strategic services,professional surveying and mapping services,Digital Mapping, implementation of geospatial infrastructure, GIS infrastructure review, assessments and audits. We also help organisations integrate geospatial data and models to support faster and accurate decisions within business processes.



What we do

Professional Earth and Spaces technology Consultancy Services

Spatialmaps offers diverse,professional and practical technology driven solutions that serves several industries relying on spatial data in planning,design,construction,business decisions,market intelligence, suitability analysis and many more.

Topographic mapping

We offer professional topographic survey services across all infastructure development industries.With cutting edge survey technology we support organisations deliver construction accuracy and built resilient infastructure at cost.

Survey Inspections and technical reporting

Get fast and professional survey inspections and technical reporting services for infastructure , housing ,as-built assets, utilities and construction projects.Our services provide technical reports,drawings,condition surveys to inform project due deligence, feasibility, costing, improved site safety regulations.

Precision agriculture

We develop technologies and products that support precision farming and data driven agricultural practice and decision making.We fuse satellite technology,GIS,AI and Machine Learning tech to provide products supporting crop and soil health monitoring,land use monitoring,agricultural productivity and crop production monitoring and automation of agricultural produce value chain.

Drone aerial surveys

We have integrated drone technology into surveying workflows to perform land surveys, photogrammetry, 3D mapping, topographic surveying, infastructure inspections, engineering and construction surveys to helping organisations achieve robust data aquisition with safety and efficiency.

Case Studies

Our Values

Ethics and Transparency

Our work and services embodies honesty and open communication with our staff and clients.We seek to stay upront and visible in all our activities placing our values at the core of our services.


spatialmaps team are reliable, dependable,competent at our work, respectful to our team members and clients and belives in our intergrity as pillar to sustainable growth.


We believe that our diversity and different perspectives help us reach for new solutions and innovations.We focus on colloboration and converge individual skills and talents in our work

Our Services

Your profesional Geomatics and geospatial technology parter.

We have global partnerships with providers of very high resolution satellite imagery .Our imagery-as-service offering allow you enjoy timely geospatial intelligence with centimeter level satellite imagery.

Our partneships allows businsses aceive satellite end-to-end monitoring for vessels, vehicles and remote equipment anywhere.

Why Choose us


Spatialmaps is comprised of specialists with diverse experience in geomatics enginering,software technolgy,geospatial applications research, design and development, big data and data science
focused on serving clients from diverse backgrounds


Our geospatial services,products and customer solutions are competitively priced,fair and focused on adding value to end-users.


We bring our diverse background in geomatics projects innovation,GIS solutions design,emerging trends in big data and geo-tech, research in GIScience and Geospatial Fields, open source technology solutions to work for your company.We integrates your thoughts into business-driven solutions.

Adherence to deadlines

We place our customers first and efficiently meet tight turnarounds in projects timelines allowing organisations meet deadlines.Our ability to effectively review projects terms and scopes,interpret engineering designs,customer GIS proposals ensures we complete projects tasks while collaborating towards achieving a shared goal,allowing us integrate with project teams and keep complex, multistage projects on track.

Leverage your business with geospatial services and products

Geomatics Engineers plays key role providing survey and  mapping services for planning and designing of all engineering projects such as the construction of bridges, highways, tunnels, and dams,buildings .Engineering surveys must  be conducted  before feasibility, design and construction/supervision for most projects.

A Geomatics engineer   play verious roles in a number of fields as geodesist, engineering surveyor, land boundary surveyor, cartographer, hydrographer, photogrammetrist and geographic information system (GIS) specialists.

GIS and Business Intelligence is today helping businesses operate  efficiently and improve productivity, cutting costs like never before.Solutions  that connect GIS and BI allow companies to track employees, assets, and equipment, and to collect and interpret data in real time to make informed decisions.

Location Intelligence , allows businesses to identify areas with market commonalities through geomarketing spatial analysis.

Spatial analytics automates the process of business location siting and suitability  by creating a map based digital workflow for placing consumer data into the context of location.

GEOINT solutions has evolved periodically from the integration of imagery, imagery intelligence, and geospatial information.GEOINT provides innovative, versatile solutions for meeting today’s demanding intelligence requirements and predicting tomorrow’s future threat to the environment.

Imagery Intelligence focuses on the technical, geographic, and intelligence information derived through the interpretation or analysis of imagery and collateral materials.

Spatialmaps provides GEOINT services that support the generation, management, and use of GEOINT data and products.

GIS technology can be leveraged in data science owing to their unique capabilities in managing, analyzing, and visualizing the locational data.Applying geo-statistics and spatial temporal analytics in decision-making is very key  in data science with massive benefits to numerous industries e.g. insurance, banking,marketing,agriculture e.t.c.

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