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We are a full service geospatial cosultancy – we build strategies and help clients with design and implemetation of geospatial projects and systems.Our range of geospatial consultancy services empowers organisations and government agencies overcome spatial, social and environmental challenges. Our teams include geomatic engineers, solution architects, application  designers, software developers, remote sensing/photogrammetry specialits, GIS developers/analysts, data /ML/AI experts and  mapping specialits driving innovations in products and services.

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Geospatial analytics and Data Science

Driving  analytics with geospatial science and technology- Geospatial analytics,  including location-based pattern analysis, geo statistical interpolation, and predictive spatial modeling have tremendous potential  across industries.

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Earth observation and Geospatial Intelligence Solutions

EO helps us understand natural and anthropogenic changes on the Earth.Earth observation is used to monitor and assess the status of, and changes in, the natural and manmade environment.Spatialmaps designa developes innovative EO solution integrating Machine Learning technology to automate processing of massive EO datasets.

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Utilities and Assets Management

We develop and build GIS powered solutions for asset inventory, real-time mapping and visualization of physical assets on web and mobile platform and timely respond to customer inquiries and manage field staff involved in asset maintenance and repairs…more

Local Government and Smart Cities

GIS is the key to better decision-making.GIS technology plays a crucial role in generating timely and confident spatial data for planning and decision making on all levels of the local government.Spatialmaps provides strategic role in integrating GIS in local and decentralised governments.

Smart Farming and Agriculture

Geospatial technology offer immense opportunities to the agricultural industry.With advancing remote sensing technology,UAV photogrammetry,Machine Learning and smart farming data analytics ,geospatial technology continue to gain foothold in various realms of agriculture, such as plant disease detection, crop monitoring, irrigation scheduling and yield forecasting.Spatialmaps develops innovative solutions ,can partner with you to deliver smart farming and agricultural automation.

Natural Resource Management and Cilmate Change

GIS  and Remote sensing can be used most effectively for natural resource management, environmental data analysis and planning. It allows better viewing and understanding physical features and the relationships that influence in a given critical environmental condition.Geospatial technology also helps in identifying the impact of human behavior on natural resources leading to more effective utilization.

Renewable Energy and Environment

GIS and Remote sensing technology support  decision makers  ranging from administrators, planners or consultants in renewable energies management and planning.GIS tools permit the realization of spatial analyses on management and planning of renewable sources of energy at macro-spatial (state) and local (municipality) levels.

Transportations &

With the advancements of location-aware technologies (e.g., Global Positioning System, mobile phone tracking system, RFID and Wi-Fi positioning system), it is now feasible and affordable to collect large volumes of tracking data at the individual level.GIS technology offers tools for visualization  and management of  dynamic data of moving objects (passengers, vehicles, or shipments) which presents massive opportuntities.

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  • Surveying drones -another revolution to the geospatial industry

    Drone survey refers to the use of a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), to capture aerial data with downward-facing sensors, such as RGB or multispectral cameras, and LIDAR payloads. The advent of drones in Land and Engineering surveying has brought great opportunities to geospatial industry professionals.Surveyors have had a long journey wading through innovations

    July 30, 2020
  • Levering GIS in mapping and tracking covid-19 infections across Africa.

    The world is currently experiencing one of the worst pandemic in the 20th Century.Covid-19 has swept the entire globe into fear and stopped virtually every activities world over.The pandemic has disrupted many triving businesses and killed many startups and strugling businesses.Covid-19 is arguably the most disruptive occurence and with daily statitics showing it may become

    July 29, 2020
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