• Surveying & Mapping

    Our Survey services offer accurate and timely data for development planning and decision support

  • GIS Services

    We provide professional GIS consultancy services. Contact us for technology-driven geospatial industry solutions and versatile products

  • Infrastructure Mapping

    We offer mapping services that support infrastructure planning and development

  • Remote Sensing

    We handle all remotely sensed imagery, providing customers with various outputs that support resources mapping, inventory and management needs

Welcome to Spatialmaps Consulting Ltd

Spatialmaps Consulting offer professional geospatial consultancy services covering Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Surveying, GPS technology, remote sensing, digital maping and technical training for organisations geospatial technology.

Our project experiences and background covers all areas of geospatial technology .We have professional qualifications in all aspects of geospatial engineering including surveying ,GIS,GPS,remote sensing, aerial/Lidar mapping, geospatial application design , development and programming. We can efficiently design and develop geospatial solutions that serve any industry with locational data needs.

We have worked extensively in many projects covering our GIS, technical training, surveying, and remote sensing within Kenya, Somalia, Southern Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.


Our projects range from field spatial data collection, spatial database systems design, capacity building in geospatial industry applications.

& Mapping

We provide services that range simple to small scale to modern high-tech surveying services ranging from simple reconnaissance survey activities


We offer services focused to sourcing, registration, processing and analysis of satellite remote sensing imageries for various


The implementation of successful GIS systems requires training focused in key aspects of GIS using both commercial and open source GIS