Levering GIS in mapping and tracking covid-19 infections across Africa.

The world is currently experiencing one of the worst pandemic in the 20th Century.Covid-19 has swept the entire globe into fear and stopped virtually every activities world over.The pandemic has disrupted many triving businesses and killed many startups and strugling businesses.Covid-19 is arguably the most disruptive occurence and with daily statitics showing it may become worsen with no promising medical solution coming forth.

Countries are currently grapling with several options and seeking alternatves that can help stabalise dwindling economies and institute measures that can sustain businesses to avert the rising unemployment currently being experienced.How is African prepared for this? this question obviously liggers in the minds of many citizens of the African continent.

International organisations,healthcare experts/practisioners, governments, politicians and many research institutions world-over ,continue to collaborate on several fronts with activities that continue to generatevast information and findings that are key for public awareness.All these measures are trained at curbing the rapid spread of the virus and reduction in the mortalities.

The spread of the covid-19 pandemic is spatial in nature with incidences recorded in various countries worlwide at different rates.With the rapid Information technology, smart platforms and intelligence systems ,the pandemic can be mapped ,tracked and monitored even at neaigbourhood level.Geographical Information System (GIS) technology solutions, data analytics, locational data and big data technologies can be leveraged to provide intelligent data that can enable stakeholders understand the spread of the virus, map and zone pandemic hot spots ,track and map out contact tracining and provide key information for timely informed decisions.

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