Spatialmaps offers solutions that empower agricultural industry activities ranging from agricultural resources planning, farm preparation ,intelligent crop plantation, harvesting and marketing of agricultural products

We have solutions that help in management of agricultural resources, predict crop yield and help farmers in sustainable agricultural practices. We focus on the development of market driven solutions that promote informed decisions in agricultural business process planning and management

We support business in agricultural sector integrate exist numerous agricultural datasets for data mining, agricultural data analytics, visualization and focused analysis in supporting decision in various agricultural business functions.

Farmers are able to combine integrate datasets on crops fields helping them make timely and accurate decisions that improves crop monitoring and smart farming applications. Such key decision includes crop soil types, soil moisture content, levels of weeds, crop fertilizer requirements.

GIS technology is crucial in supporting agricultural organisations improve their produce supply value chain.

  • • Develop accurate weather data visualization platforms.
  • • Analysis of soil data and understand suitability in cropping and application of fertilizers
  • • Adopt smart farming system where all data are integrated with intelligent systems to analyse weather parameters, growing conditions.

Spatialmaps offers  innovative tools that  support integration of  geospatial data in agricultural sector and forestry .Our solutions are developed on open source technology giving clients wide range of choices in implementing smart solutions within the agricultural process value chain.

Our innovations cuts across several activities within the agricultural sectors that includes the use of UAV technology with multispectral imagery,NDVI  that is analysed to indicate nitrate concentration requirements and pesticide needs.

Some of the key areas of innovations  for smart agriculture covers;

  • Crop yield estimations from satellite and UAV mapping and data analysis methods
  • Integrating UAV technology in crop diseases and yield monitoring
  • Soil mapping ,analysis and land vulnerability  modelling
  • Development of agro-spatial databases and information systems integration.
  • Web based portal for integrated data management and sharing platforms.
  • Enterprise mobile apps for Field data collection applications with back-office integration and work-order management.

Are you working on integrating  technology in farming  activities. Spatialmaps will be glad to partner with you.Contact us .