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Spatialmaps offers geospatial consultancy services ranging from Land and Engineering Surveying, Geographical Information System(GIS), Digital Mapping, GNSS/GPS surveying, Remote sensing ,aerial photogramemetry, drone surveys, geospatial software development ,geospatial technology implementation,capacity building and critical enteprise solutions development.
We support geospatial service needs across various industries including geospatial technol ogy advisory services, implementation of geospatial infrastructure, GIS infrastructure review, assess ments and audits. We also help organisations integrate geospatial data and models.
to support faster and accurate decisions within business processes.

Spatialmaps Consulting research and innovate enabling us focus on adopting new technologies and solutions that serves the wider market better. Our solutions and products cover many indsutries that consume locational data ranging from utility and infastructure,Environment,Agriculture,Energy resources sectors,Mining,Infastructer development among others.

Our mission

Spatialmaps mission is to provide profesional and business focused geospatial technology tools, solutions to organisation across wide range of busineses.We aim to help busineses map, process,analyse and integrate geospatial tools in solving infastructural, social, environmental development challenges.

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