Building geospatial platforms for locational-based  decision making across  businesses.

At Spatialmaps we provide software development services for GIS powered applications ,geospatial data mining  tools and integrated data visualization platforms.We combine modern software development technologies and GIS tools to develop and deploy efficient GIS -enabled  solutions that power integration of locational data handling capabilities/ tools for all kinds of businesses  process . Our technologies integrate both open source and commercial tools.

We focus on development of web, mobile and enterprise geospatial platforms using open source geospatial technology that  support multi-data format access and integration.

Spatialmaps team include passionate geospatial Engineers  with wide experience with modern  developer tools and technology applications always seeking to built customer driven  Enterprise GIS products, web GIS solutions, Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and mobile map rendering and visualization platforms.

If you are looking  to integrate massive geospatial datasets into your applications, use interactive live- maps in your business work-flow , integrate geospatial tools in your existing enterprise systems or  rapidly deploy your field work force with  location aware tools to support decisions making on asset  management,utility mapping  we shall be glad to partner with you.

Our geospatial application development heavily depends on open source  technology/software tools allowing us to quickly  build solutions that leverage the storage, rendering,publication and sharing of geospatial and non-spatial data.We also develop application using propriety software tools.

We develop geospatial software applications that are platform agnostic allowing fast deployment into any environment of choice.We are updated with latest technologies allowing the flexibility to focus o customer specific requirements.