Spatialmaps continues create innovations and technologies that places Remote Sensing at the core of mining activities. The  use of stereo satellite mapping and surveying  enabling production of   survey grade elevations  data for planning and route location for mining sector.

We are continuously innovating and developing imagery processing tools and algorithms to support advance imaging and analysis for the benefit of our clients.

We have also adopted the use of drone aerial mapping  to support production of highly accurate orthophotos and elevation data for mining industry. With drone surveys,we are able to produce accurate DEM/DTM,orthophotos

Our remote sensing team can assist clients in generating mineral exploration and drilling targets by integrating and interpreting geological – structural, Remote Sensing, geochemical and geophysical datasets. Through expert analysis we can convert 2D analog maps, with other supporting datasets into highly illustrative and better quality 3D digital Geological Resource Models key for mineral prospecting and development.