Spatialmaps support you with diverse satellite imagery and professional remote sensing processing services.We provide  access to imagery , data analytics tools and ability to integrate remote sensing imagery and data analytics tool chains in your business processes.

We partner with our clients to offer wide range of remote sensed imagery solutions , coupled  with our expertise and supplier networks we provide you with the capabilities to order imagery that is fully optimized for your requirements, saving you both time and money.

Many projects can immensely benefit from  very high resolution satellite imagery products .At Spatialmaps we undertake image interpretation and develop  datasets for land cover change mapping,specialized imagery analysis across many applications,  terrain analysis and visualization of satellite derived data.We  can support you select suitable satellite images or  task new acquisition to avoid  expensive and time consuming/expensive ground surveys  for large scale projects.

We support clients with key processes which include;

  • Preliminary studies on project areas with accurate remotely sensed and UAV  imagery base-maps and orthophoto.
  • Selection of suitable satellite imagery for specific projects
  • Coordinated new image acquisition tasking for areas without suitable satellite imagery with our partners
  • Project management and customer advice
  • Processing and generation of project specific outputs meeting project accuracy needs.
  • Delivery of final outputs to customers in suitable data formats.

    Satellite imagery processing is one of the core operations of Spatialmaps. Our innovative approach allows us develop imagery processing tools and algorithms that improve the quality and use of derived products in a number of applications.We are able to inteprate,analyse and extract key information from several remote sensing imagery products and channels. Spatialmaps adopts several CAD,GIS and RS software technologies  tools

    Our imagery processing services include;

    • Orthorectification (high accuracy