Geospatial data and analytics that empower decisions

We develop leading goepsatial innovations that include geodata-centric solutions and services for across  several industries. we develop a platforms for creating and sharing geospatial big data products and services powered by a variety of data sources.

By adopting  several open source and commercial software techonologies we focus on development of  innovative high-definition maps and cloud data platforms that are central in facilitating esharing and integration of  geospatial big data.

Technologies powering geospatial big data

There has been significant growth in sources of geospatial  datasets from a variety of sources.A huge challenge faced by organisations remains how to ingest,process,analyse, integrate and update rapidly changing data for optimized rendering and intgrations in data centric platforms through web ,mobile and embeded geospatial platforms effectively.

We develop solutions that range from geosptial mining engines,SDKs,ETL workflows, tool-chains and processes that  integrate mult-data source,dyamic,huge and complex geospatial datasets.

Reliable geospatial data


Geoserver/PostgreSQL/PostGIS/Akka HTTP / Akka Streams/Python/GeoJango/AngulaJs /ReactJs/Openlayer/Leaflet/D3/  AngularJS / AWS / Blockchain/Hyperledger Fabric / Cassandra / Docker / ETL / Flink SQL / geoJSON / Grafana / Hadoop / Helm / Java / Kafka / Kotlin / Kubernetes / OAuth 2.0 / Redis / Scala / Spark SQL / Splunk.

Geospatial assets

Our innovative GIS teams design, build and support high-quality, strategic geospatial platforms and assets including  integration of machine learning technologies and applied geospatial intelligence.

Solutions we provide:

  • Large-scale geospatial content management and operations (create, maintain, and moderate)
  • geospatial big data innovations and  incubation
  • Data supply chain, privacy, policy, analytics, & QA
  • ML training, simulation, test, & deployment

geodata platforms and intelligent business decisions

Robust geospatial analytics & workflows

Spatialmaps build geospatial data and algorithms rooted to dynamic and open software technology that automates you to build  data analytics and workflows and help you integrate and fuse geointelligent into you business processes.

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Data reliability & scalability

We design bespoke,reliable and sustainable geospatil big data solutions that helps you focus on growing your business with rich intelligence and analytics at your fingure tips.

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Open technology stack

Our solutions are achored on open geospatial technology implementation enabling implementations a wider range of  business areas within manageable costs.

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Disruptive tech to business and projects path to sucess
Reduce project cost and risks- power your project decisions with rich geospatial data
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