Earthworks & Volumes

Earthwork and  Volume Survey determines the exact excavation or fill quantities for your construction project.

It calculates the volume of measurable material such as earth or landfill in cubic or square metres. The aquisition of professionally collected and processed data on existing and required volumes during grading and construction activities , you can better plan your project, coordinate resources and minimise costs.

An accurate estimate of the earthwork volumes and areas is essential for a contractor to both submit an accurate bid that has the potential to win a contract and to properly manage the resources assigned to the project so that he make profit in construction business.

Our team of experienced engineering surveyors support contractors and developers with survey survices and workflows specifically developed for accurate earthworks surveys,excavations computations and reporting allowing their activties to progress well in time with accurate, professional survey processses that integrates into your work process.

Our process for earthworks and volume surveys involves.

  • Initial Level and Feature Survey
  • Volume Calculation Survey
  • Data comparison of various surveys to give an accurate volume calculation
  • Preparation of Volume Calculation Report

Key considerations in estimating earthworks volumes.

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Estimating earthworks

  1. Is your workflow process capable of to integrate data from many sources?
  2. Have you developed workflows and  holistic approaches to all the connected processes  common 3D constructible model?
  3. Have you automated the models across your construction activities?
  4. What is your reporting mechnisms?
  5. Does your presentation tools  allow the process and bid to be supported with clear schedules and well-documented work plans.
  6. Do you have constructible models to track and monitor project progress, improve KPIs, and optimize construction workflows.
  7. Do you support remote visibility to projects
  8. What is your end-to-end process structure -example a  process that guides you through the takeoff, estimate, bid, schedule, operate/execute, as built, handoff process.
  9. Flexibility of your tools to transition across projects and help minimise project risks

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