Engineering & dredging surveys

We provide hydrographic surveys that support engineering and civil works activities for  onshore and offshores environments. These projects  include channel condition,engineering , construction dredging measurements, sedimentation pre,post and  dredging surveys  and monitoring of coastal navigation channels, inland river navigation projects, reservoirs, and underwater structural surveys at locks and dams.
Our surveys also supports various coastal engineering projects, beach renourishment and restoration projects, shoreline protection structure construction (breakwaters and jetties), and river stabilization structures.
Survey Systems
    • Multibeam echo sounders (MBES)
    • Tide gauges
    • Single beam echo sounders (SBES) – single and dual frequency
    • Attitude and heading reference systems
    • Sound speed sensors and probes
    • Side scan sonars
    • Sub-bottom profilers
    • Real-time data acquisition systems – software and hardware
    • Laser scanners
    • Unmaned Aerial Vehicles(UAV)