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Spatialmaps provide range of professional GIS services covering an entire phase of spatial projects and system development .We have deep understanding of GIS mapping projects cycle and steer organisation through strategic project planning, GIS infastruture implementation structuring ,geo-technology & IT framing, needs assesment and institutional capacity review before and post GIS implementations .Our GIS consultancy services, products and solutions ensure clients have a holitic view of GIS integration into their business processes and workflows

Spatialmaps Consulting – Our consulting , analysis ,mapping and solution development services allow us to deploy the full capabilities of our geospatial knowledge,skills and experience to solve dynamic, complex, spatial, environmental and social issues across several markets.

GIS consultancy services

Spatiamaps technical GIS services helps clients integrate geospatial data and tools into their businesses.We provide end-to-end GIS solutions that fits into any organisation geospatial information needs.

  • Geospatial business analysis and solutions design
  • GIS project management and Consulting
  • GIS infrastructure implementation and deployment technical strategy
  • Mapping, Spatial modeling and analysis
  • Locational data analytics and visualization
  • Automate your business, so you can leave for days,

GIS in your business

Technical Services.

Spatialmaps technical services enables clients understand GIS technology and helps unpack the exsting potential in an organisation data and workflows.-We support you create new and extend existing opportunties within organisation through geospatially enabling your data and fusing GIS tools into your internal business process.
We guide organisation integrate spatial dimenstion in key business processses and workflows.

GIS infrastructure assessments and review

There are several critical deployment stages that support a successful implementation of GIS technology.The right process can assured by getting the right advice to understand the technology, quantify user requirements, select the right software technology, and deployment option relevant to organisation business process and needs.Spatialmaps have gained deep undertsanding of geospatial implementation strategy and have the experience that will support you transalet your thoughts into integrating GIS tools into your business effectively.
We help client design technologies that adapt to your organisation changing business needs and evolving technology opportunities.


Spatial data analysis and Mapping.

Spatialmaps develops powerful tools that support spatial modeling and analysis covering numerous applications.With dynamic geospatial technology experience we deploy tools that help achieve greater insights from spatial data through powerful spatial analysis that help achieve greater benefits duirng projects implementation.


Tranforming business processes with GIS technology.

The global use of geographic information systems (GIS) and location analytics is rapidly rising.GIS therefore promises insights into
business strategies and decisions that can enhance business success.
A number of organisations can greately benefit from location value chain, which is the value of location intelligence across a spectrum of business functions.Spatialmaps is strategicaly positioned to offer businesses GIS enterprise integration solutions that enables sustained business use of locational intelligence across wide range of business processes.
Analyze Customer Spatial Patterns– Use GIS to map and analyse analytics on customer behavoir.

  • Track & Measure Customer Sale –use locational data and analytics to map sales dynamics
  • Predict Future Customer Trends – Company and Industry Research
  • Collect Spatial Data– Industry Research
  • Optimize Space & Location Decisions– Company, Industry, Market Research
  • Manage Logistics &Supply Chains – Industry Research
  • Predict Future Operational Needs– market analysis report “slices”
  • Track & Manage Asset Allocations-Predict Future Operational Needs
  • Drive Business Growth with Competitive Advantage
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Optimize Business Performance in Cost-Effective Manner

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