GNSS/GPS Surveys

We use modern GNSS receivers and technology that allows our surveyors to undetrake field data collection faster and accurately, finishing projects quickly and efficiently.

We providing geodetic-grade, sub-centimeter accuracy needed for surveying and mapping. The high reliability of acquired positions allows points to be accurately determined in a single pass.
Latest technology in positioning

By adopting  latest GNSS positioning technology in our surveys activties , we bring to organisations robust GNSS receivers  that increase productivity by continuously delivering RTK positions even in difficult environments.

By integrating CORS positioning service in our surveying workflows.We can mobile deploy our team even in remote areas with minimal accurate survey control framework.

We also help organisation aquire, setup and configure CORS stations for effcient surveying for government authorities and private entities.

CORS services gives you instant access to RTK positioning services within the  network of continuously operating reference stations (CORS). The mount point closest to your location can be selected based on your project to receive the correction service.

One surveyor with a GNSS rover, is all you need to collect survey grade data

Where you can use CORS .

CORS positioning correction service can be applied to a variety of surveying application and other application demanding positioning high accuracy.

  • Topographic survey

  • Setting-out survey

  • Engineering Application

  • Deformation Monitoring

  • Machine Guidance and Control

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • Agriculture

  • Hydrographic Survey

  • Dredging and Reclamation

  • Shipping and Navigation