Machine Control Surveys

GNSS(GPS and GLONAS)  machine control for civil works can be enormous. Owing to the complexity in GNSS data accuracy and quality assurance mean the correct data can be processed and monitored by a qualified Surveyor.

Out team help construction firms with  the preparation of design plans and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) for proposed surface regrading and civil works on appropriate National horizontal and vertical survey datums  for use with GNSS machine control platforms.

Our qualified Surveyors helps create surface models and designs focused on projects specific cut/fill, volume and soil importation/exportation needs of construction clients. We latest software technology to provide  data in easy to read plans and formats suitable for usage in machine control platforms.

We develop solutions for mobile machines used in construction sectors.

We  are developing 2D and 3D leveling systems for earthmoving machinery (excavator, grader, dozer) to leveling and quality control systems for paver, to compaction systems for asphalt roller in earthworks and road construction, to leveling systems for milling machine.

Our machine control technology ensure road construction can be accelerated precisely, with generated progress recorded  helping construction work to  move accordingly with the subsequent planning appropriately.

Key areas of focus

Machine control systems in the road building equipment sector are crucial in automating road construction tasks ranging from guiding and controlling alignment set-out, grading,milling process, paving.