Ports & Harbors

Ports & Harbors worldwide have a responsibility ensuring safety of navigation and least depth within the harbor and surrounding waterways.

Spatialmaps conduct surveys services supporting hydrographic and oceanographic works on large and small ports and harbours across Africa.

Our services support range of port and Habour projects including;

  • Engineering design
  • Monitoring breakwater construction in accordance with the designs
  • Periodic breakwater and pier monitoring to verifications of  structural variations after construction
  • Control changes in sediment transport caused by the breakwaters
  • Collection of  data for nautical publications

Spatialmaps experience also includes surveys of inland waters such as water reservoirs, rivers and lakes  focused on technical applications such as inspection of bridge structures , causeway foundations, floodplain modelling, siltation measuring and volumetric calculations for dredging and engineering works.

Utilising leading edge technology and skilled and experienced personnel our Hydrographic Services team can provide range of  efficient solutions to your hydrographic survey requirements.


All hydrographic and topographic surveys meets the accuracy requirements of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO).