We support organisations that manage assets and properties .Our solutions support you to map, visualise and analyse multi datasets  within integrated environments. Decision making in assets inventory and property assesments is key to commercial business entities can be enhanced by locational data intelligence.

GIS can facilitate unit location in relation to local and regional demographics, allocation of sales territories on  a spatially distributed client or customer base, and optimal location of distribution facilities or delivery routes.

You can use our spatial data solutions to analyse potential and existing competition within retailers using locational business intelligence tools.

We provide solution in key commercial sectors

  • Property and asset management
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • • Financial Services
  • • Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries
  • • Commodity market site selection and zone analysis

We help you with solutions for asset inventory, real-time mapping and visualization of physical assets on web and mobile platform and timely respond to customer inquiries and manage field staff involved in maintenance and repairs.

Weather you are undertaking extensions for sewerage system, water supply and distributions connections, rolling out network connection for internet cabling ,managing new connections, discharges, waster collections activities e.t.c our innovations work to meet any imagination.

Key area

  • • Track asset inventory and lifetime history
  • • Monitor service requests from inception to completion
  • • Integrate with desktop GIS to expedite work order creation and asset identification
  • • Manage and coordinate back-office to field data collection teams
  • • Monitor key performance indicators
  • • Simplify data extraction and sharing
  • • Capture data and monitor construction activities and inspections
  • • Electronic document management to support faster approvals and monitoring
  • • Use mobile apps to make field inspections more efficient