Surveying has been a core business offering of Spatialmaps  since . Our surveyors have built a reputation for quality service by providing innovative and accurate solutions.

Client satisfaction is vital to our success—more than 70 percent of our business comes from repeat clients. We aspire  to exceed clients’ expectations,  increase efficiency, and to bring the best solutions to project challenges, while always maintaining a safe working environment.

Spatialmaps has a team of experienced,skilled and tech-savvy geospatial engineers with key understanding of the surveying industry.

We offer professional,responsive and dependable services to our clients.We offer advice to our clients on the need for consideration of professional surveys services as one of the most important consideration for any land development activities.

Contact us.We welcome any project partnerships helping organisations deliver on projects timely  and within budget.

Spatialmaps  is a millennial geospatial consultancy firm focused on adopting latest technology driven and highly efficient  means of undertaking any surveying work across the industry. Our team no only understands the survey workflow but the intrinsic practices,equipments and technology that ensure we deliver projects timely,accurately and within cost.

We carry out surveys with latest and versatile survey equipments : GNSS/GPS (RTK & Static ), Total stations,Scanners, Digital/automatic Levels ,Drones/UAV

Contact us with inquiry for any geospatial measurements needs.We deliver to clients specifications.