Enterprise web GIS solutions-Making decisions on the right framework.

Enterprise Web GIS Solution integrates complex GIS systems with the standards and best practices of Information Technology to design and implement an end-to-end applications that deliver geospatial data services, tools and applications on the web. web GIS provides an open and distributed architecture for disseminating geospatial data and web processing tools on the internet

Web GIS system comprises several components which includes the application server , the database layer,web servers, map  rendering servers and client(s) that integrate to provides an end-to-end solution that delivers geospatial data services, tools and applications on the web.

Web GIS allows end-users to view,analyse,interpret and perform simple to sophisticated spatial analysis on web based GIS platforms within distributed environments with minimal limitations and challenges posed by desktop GIS applications

The design ,development and deployment of a responsive enterprise GIS solutions for organisations therefore demands thorough understanding of the key components of the web GIS framework with consideration of factors that uniquely map workflows and operations in organisations and the software technology decisions that underpin such implementation.

Popular Enterprise web GIS options in the market

GeoServer, a popular open source technology that a adopts two-tier architecture . The application server and map server components integrates into one server application that consists of different modules that are actively interacting with each other

GeoServer supports various data servers such as PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, and ArcSDE and file formats including shapefiles and GeoTiff and produces output as KML, GML, shapefiles, GeoRSS, GeoJSOn etc

The ESRI ArcGIS Server implements a three-tier architecture . The web server component of the ArcGIS Server architecture provides the functionality of the application server described in the generic multi-tier web GIS architecture

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