Urban growth and emergence of smart cities has brought great challenge to city dwellers,businesses,city managers,property brokers operating in this environments. The rapid growth in cities worldwide poses a great challenges in planning and management of city environments.

Spatial data and spatial data frameworks provide players in urban and rural developments with opportunities to analyses volume of data generated in numerous connected systems operating within cities.

Spatialmaps provide geospatial consultancy services focused on supporting urban and rural development programs. Our solutions range from framework geospatial data, data collection applications, mapping platforms, dashboard that leverages urban and rural development activities decision making processes and support project planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Some of the services we provide support the following urban development sectors

  • • Land use mapping and urban development monitoring.
  • • Land use mapping and urban development monitoring.
  • • Urban design and Architecture Some of the specific services and products offered by Spatialmaps include
  • • Development of Street addressing maps and Information systems
  • • Development urban and town 3D models and 3D visualization
  • • Urban infrastructure mapping and modelling
  • • Integrated solutions for managing cities operations
  • • City and urban indoor GIS system

Spatialmaps will be glad to partner with you in providing spatial data frame-work and integrated GIS solutions that supports urban  and rural planning contact us.